The annual Norwich Beer festival is held in St Andrew's hall near the end of Oct each year. It does lots of beer. Yummy

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2005-10-29-0002 Anna Kettle, (now a famous person and pargeter by royal appointment).
2005-10-29-0003 Malcolm (aka Gilbert).
2005-10-29-0004 Me! Big bushy beard for big bushy beer.
2005-10-29-0005 Hello do we know you?
Of course we do. (thanks to Malcolm) This is Helen, wife of Steve (No Sheds).
Who doesn' appear to have stood in front of my camera.
2005-10-29-0006 Malcolm and Helen, wife of Steve (No Sheds), drinking beer.
2005-10-29-0007 Ant with beer
2005-10-29-0008 Malcolm and Anna Kettle after beer.
2005-10-29-0009 Lise, was there but I only bumped into her as I was leaving.
she's very nice.

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