I wasn't a member of the shed at the time but Fenny invited me over to a shedmoot. By co-incidence it turned into a mini boink as well, but that's another story.

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2005-08-27-0001 We went to fly kites.
we failed.
2005-08-27-0002 But we kept trying
2005-08-27-0003 and trying
2005-08-27-0004 and trying ... oh nearly
2005-08-27-0005 No. Try again.
2005-08-27-0006 Fenny's got an absolutly spiffing one.
2005-08-27-0007 Ducks and geese and plastic bokkles being fed by Fenny.
2005-08-27-0008 a goose
2005-08-27-0009 same goose
2005-08-27-0010 A pair of bloo jeans and some people looking at fowl things
2005-08-27-0011 fowl things
2005-08-27-0012 People, looking, things at.
2005-08-27-0013 a little whte duck
2005-08-27-0014 I had to walk on the water to get this shot you know.
2005-08-27-0015 gooses
2005-08-27-0016 having a gander
2005-08-27-0017 consuming the burnt results of the barbequeueueueue
2005-08-27-0018 Scrummy
2005-08-27-0019 There was some strange programme on the TV called Krikket. We won some ash. I don't understand it.
2005-08-28-0020 Fenny's front bedroom where I passed the night.
2005-08-28-0021 same again but with a light on
2005-08-28-0022 from a different angle
2005-08-28-0023 the "space" under the desk
2005-08-28-0024 Note the very sheddi way everything in the kitchen is filed and catalogued and put away where it can be re-aquired as a moments notice.

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