We went for a day trip down to the zoo. We were feeling pretty "down" but the nice burdys and animules cheered us up.

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2005-08-23-0011 I think it's an otter
2005-08-23-0012 There's definatley penguins. I recognise the wrappers.
2005-08-23-0013 Still penguins
2005-08-23-0015 A leopard with a hang over.
2005-08-23-0020 A road runner. Beep Beep.
2005-08-23-0021 Yes it's an owl. Dunno what sort. Possibly snowy.
2005-08-23-0022 Let sleeping llamas lie!
2005-08-23-0023 A beermat
2005-08-23-0024 It's a great big FO robin in a tree. Not part of the zoo but the most fun of all the creatures we saw there.
2005-08-23-0025 same robin
2005-08-23-0026 same robin
2005-08-23-0027 same robin
2005-08-23-0028 same robin

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