In July 2005 mi munky graduated from Uni with a 2:1.

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2005-07-06-0001 trying to get the gown to stay on, and failing.
2005-07-06-0002 Looks as intelligent as a munky.
2005-07-06-0003 There was summat going on down there but I don't know what.
2005-07-06-0004 Munky stands in line
2005-07-06-0005 Munky on stage
2005-07-06-0006 Munky turns and runs.
2005-07-06-0007 lots of flat hats
2005-07-06-0008 Munky leaves
2005-07-06-0009 dark !
2005-07-06-0010 Munky celebrates.

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