In 2005 me and Lorna took Zia out for a trip to London to see the sights and take in a show. It was the first time the girls had stayed in a "posh" hotel and they didn't have a clue how to do breakfast or much else. Never-the-less we all had a very good time and were blessed with warm sunny weather. Although it's not what I said after carrying the bags half way across London.

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2005-05-28-0001 Lorna and Zia enjoying the sunshine bestowed upon us.
2005-05-28-0002 Lorna and Zia making the guard nervous. He looks like he's about 12 years old.
2005-05-28-0003 Ooooh a wheel!
2005-05-28-0004 Paddle boat pleasure cruise on the Thames
2005-05-28-0005 Smile! Zia seems to have found something to look at on the ground.
2005-05-28-0006 " Damn that pesky plaster", says Lorna and Zia has a sneaky giggle.
2005-05-28-0008 We did finally get South of the river. Some famous clock in the distance.
2005-05-28-0009 and unlike most it tells the right time
2005-05-28-0010 Hello Big Ben.
2005-05-28-0011 Yes. I know Big Ben is the bell within the clock tower but where's the fun in that?
2005-05-28-0013 Night life at the National Theatre where me, Lorna and Zia went to see Theatre of Blood, starring Jim Broadbent as Vincent Price.
2005-05-28-0014 How beautiful. London at night. Centre lit is St Paul's Cathederal.
2005-05-28-0015 Same shot as one before but dark
2005-05-28-0016 London does look better in the dark
2005-05-28-0017 Shhhhh! It's MI5.
2005-05-28-0018 and Somerset House
2005-05-28-0019 and the river
2005-05-28-0020 Green light for more taxes.
2005-05-29-0022 Big smiles from Zia on the open bus tour. She was having a lot of fun.
2005-05-29-0023 Behind the tree is a statue that is not of me.
2005-05-29-0024 Oh look, a dragon!
2005-05-29-0025 Some old place. Probably famous before it got blurred
2005-05-29-0026 The clock over the bank of Engerlund.
2005-05-29-0027 A hidden church
2005-05-29-0028 HRM Vicky but we forget where.
2005-05-29-0029 A stone pole
2005-05-29-0030 That up and down bridge thingy
2005-05-29-0031 Same but louder closer.
2005-05-29-0032 The ugly gherkin at the right and some other glass carbuncle under construction.
2005-05-29-0033 Boris' blurry office.
2005-05-29-0034 Some famous place.
2005-05-29-0035 Going over the up and down bridge
2005-05-29-0036 The Tower.
2005-05-29-0037 The Dome
2005-05-29-0038 The Globe
2005-05-29-0039 The behind of the Hind.
2005-05-29-0040 The erm thing.
2005-05-29-0041 Traitor's Gate at the Tower of London.
2005-05-29-0042 Ooooo that's a pretty place, Possibly Greenwich.
2005-05-29-0043 Just right of the slip way is the entrance to a foot tunnel under the river.
2005-05-29-0044 The wharf of Moog Canaries.
2005-05-29-0045 I was trying to get a photo of the cormorants. They're on the posts.
2005-05-29-0046 Better, but no shags.
2005-05-29-0047 London doesn't look so pretty in the daylight.
I think the sign should say "working for the downfall of all banks".
2005-05-29-0048 Now Who would want to live in a house like this. Not ME!
2005-05-29-0050 Suddenly we're back here.
2005-05-29-0051 Another shot of Big Ben along with the Palace of Westminster. A nice looking building.
2005-05-29-0052 Black phone box for making black mail calls. Outside Embankment underground.
2005-05-29-0053 The Sherlock Holmes Museum. We didn't have time to go in and look around but we may go back some day.
2005-05-29-0054 Nelson's Column. Hope he isn't scard of heights.
2005-05-29-0055 From here it looks like he has a tail.
2005-05-29-0056 Admiralty Arch.
2005-05-29-0057 Blurry crowd.
2005-05-29-0058 A very interesting looking clock.
2005-05-29-0059 Whizzing past some statue.
2005-05-29-0060 Ah I think it's Bodicca frozen in time after racing down the Mall.
2005-05-29-0061 They may be pearly gates but you don't have to die to see them
2005-05-29-0062 Marble arch (I think)
2005-05-29-0063 What a grand looking clock.
2005-05-29-0064 must be running fast ;-)
2005-05-29-0065 A fine example of a mason's art.
2005-05-29-0066 The Abbey. at West minster.
2005-05-29-0067 Ooooo pretty.
2005-05-29-0069 This was before we got bankrupted by the 2012 'lympics
2005-05-29-0070 What a shame. The messy aspect of London.
2005-05-29-0072 And here we have the Palace of Westminster again.
2005-05-29-0073 And Big Ben.
2005-05-29-0074 Downing Street where the Prime Minister hides and robs us of our taxes.
2005-05-29-0075 A guard on horesback, both of which seem to be camera shy.
2005-05-29-0076 And a final blurry shot of something off screen to the left.

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