On a trip up north to visit my mum I took some pics cos I could.

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2004-06-13-0041 Mum sunbathing in the back garden
2004-06-13-0042 One of the fuchias that my dad used to grow,
2004-06-13-0043 Other shrubs.
2004-06-13-0044 View down the garden
2004-06-13-0045 and slightly to the left
2004-06-13-0046 Mum's sideboard aka picture gallery
2004-06-13-0047 There are kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and people I don't know.
2004-06-13-0048 A mirror with a wedding photo of my mum & dad.
2004-06-13-0050 Dad in his army uniform.

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