In June 2006 I went upto Bolton to:
a) visit my mum.
b) meet someone from "t'internet"

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2004-06-12-0001 But first I went far a walk up Rivington Pike.
2004-06-12-0002 It's a very long way
2004-06-12-0003 The view from near the top of Winter Hill
2004-06-12-0004 Looking t'other way at telly transmitter.
2004-06-12-0005 The roads are very well maintainded round here.
2004-06-12-0006 A view towards Bolton
2004-06-12-0007 same but different
2004-06-12-0008 That's Howrich
2004-06-12-0009 Thats Blackrod (I think)
2004-06-12-0010 Thats just looking West
2004-06-12-0011 The roads have ferocious guards.
2004-06-12-0013 This is the tower. It's a folly as you may have guessed.
2004-06-12-0014 same tower different view
2004-06-12-0015 You have to walk up from down there because they won't let you use the road.
2004-06-12-0016 Looking over the Chineese gardens. Part of the same folly.
2004-06-12-0017 same
2004-06-12-0018 yon tower again
2004-06-12-0019 an angen
2004-06-12-0020 Looking back up after walking back down
2004-06-12-0021 looking back up after walking a bit more back down.
2004-06-12-0022 erm same.

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