Every now and then we go to the Belgian Monk on Pottergate. A nice little pub or maybe it's a resturant. It does both Belgian beers and food.

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2004-05-29-0034 Sometimes I sit and wait. Sometimes I just sit.
2004-05-29-0035 and so does Lorna.
2004-05-29-0036 There's a teddy bear watching us from across the street.
2004-05-29-0037 So many people try to leave using the broom cupboard they had to put a notice on it saying it's the wrong door.
2004-05-29-0038 The beer has the effect of making total strangers friendly.
2004-05-29-0039 You're my beshtish mate you are.
2004-05-29-0040 I'll do anything for a cuddle.

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