The 1st ORSAM show held in Norwich Nov 2003.
The ORSAM show is a "retro" 8bit computer show with special emphasis on the SAM. Here some of the fans gather to reaffirm old aquaintences.

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photo6001 Sam in a can
photo6002 remember when computer shows were all like this?
photo6003 Spectrum games for sale
photo6004 Sam with a memory expansion and expansion bus
photo6005 What happens if I press this?
photo6006 Stuff
photo6007 Thin haired geek doing geekery things
photo6008 The queen of the show. Dave looking bright and shiny as usual.
photo6009 OK so there was a lot of space
photo6010 or maybe just very few people.
photo6011 I used to know this guy's name. But I've forgoten it.
photo6012 That's Dave and erm thingy trying to break the language barrier.
photo6013 That's sam in a can again
photo6014 ACCUS ? ? Computer Users Society
photo6015 Andy Wright removes the top from his very precious Sam prototype #1 (I have prototype #3, which was the first to have a disk).

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