These are some low resolution photos that I stole from somewhere. They show the school just before and during demolision.
Although I have many fond memories of my time at Stand, none of them are from when I was in Stand.
Yes, I hated the place!

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smallstand10 I remember the balcony quite well but I do not think I would ever have felt safe standing on that new floor.
smallstand1 This shows the school as viewed from Stand lane. The roof is already off.
smallstand2 These are the main steps into the school. Many is the time I have tumbled up or down these as some other boy has thought it great sport to trip or push me.
Of course, there was no such thing as bullying in those days.
smallstand3 As if proof were needed there it is "BOYS". The girls were half a mile away at a different school.
smallstand4 The huts. Rooms 21 and 22. These prefab rooms were put up as a temporary measure some time after the war. As you would expect they were still there when the place was demolished.
smallstand7 Ah yes, the torture chanber, or as some would call it the gym. Home to the evil sadist Haggis. I'm sure that he'd go to jail for a lot of the stuff he put us through if it were to be done these days.
smallstand8 The other side of the gym and the wood work room. I only did woodwork for six months in the 1st year. I decided it was far too easy and took metal work instead.
smallstand9 No this is just wrong. There was no mezzanine floor in the hall when I was there just a fucking big drop to the floor below.
I mean how could you possibly drop a rusty bike frame onto a piano with that in the way?
stand1 Looking across the car park towards what is left of rooms 5,6 and 15.
stand2 The master's entrance. Notice the small doorway to the left. This led into the lower bogs where the model railway lived and we sheltered from the rain. Room 1 is to the left and rooms 12 (chem lab) and 20 are above.
stand3 A closer view of the remains of rooms 5,6 & 13. My memory must be failing as that internal door seems to be in the wrong wall.
stand4 A different angle of the destruction of room 1. (Joe Whitworth's room)
stand5 Now I can remember that it was instant detension just for walking on that grass and now there's a ruddy great JCB on it. It's the BOYS enterance as seen from Stand lane.
stand6 Mainly a JCB but you can see (downstairs) the windows of the Head's study and the secretary's office and (above) the main window into room 20.
stand7 This used to look down towards "the new buildings", rooms 27-30. Now just rubble.
stand8 The once proud front elevation.
The staff rooms to the top left and right of room 20.
The round windows of the cloakrooms below where I and hundreds of others queued for our BCG jabs. (I believe one of these rooms became a language lab).
Then the ground level cloaks on eithe side of the head's and secretary's rooms.

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