Here are a few pics of the Handfasting of Lorna and me that sort of happened on Sunday 22nd July 2001.

We had searched long and far for a venue for our hand fast.  Places by rivers, places near trees, places near the sea. But it was only when I was walking over Mousehold Heath here in Norwich that I found the place we finally chose.

Imagine the feeling of walking along tiny almost overgrown paths through the thick lush undergrowth , surrounded by trees both ancient and modern when all at once you come across a clearing that is flat and wide and full of air and space, yet conceiled from all the world by the woods.

This is the place that we chose.

With the very kind help of a few friends we started to transforn the area at about 9:30 on the Sunday morning and by 11am three gazeebos were standing. several tables of food and drink and our guests were arriving.

The day itself was the most beautiful any one could have hoped for. The Sun warmed us, the air was still. Apart from ourselves the places was silent save for a few insects buzzing and birds singing, hidden in the branches.

All of the usual paraphanelia was there for the ceremony. My Sword and my broom were used, although we chose not to have the sword drawn for the challenge.
I will have to try and get a pic of us jumping the broom from the video.

The ceremony was led by our good friend Duane

Things were kept fairly casual as can be seen by the shot of the bride and the bridesmaids.

Although there was a lot of sitting about every one had a good time. Every one mingled with every one and it is good to be able to say every one got on really well. Sadly despite my best efforts they didn't manage to eat all the food (supplied by Butlers, Vauxhall St, Norwich).

I have loads of pics and I post then here in no particular order. Where I can I've named names.

By the end of the day the clearing was once again free of our intrusion and no one would ever know we had been there.

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pic0001 Hey look, it's the bride. Lorna flapping round the car park wondering where I am. (I had popped off to the shop for some plactic cups).
pic0002 Here we have a group keeping close to the food tent. From Left to right we have Charles, Lisa, Smithy, Keith (standing), Viki, Abbé (standing), Carla, Julie (standing), Marion (standing), Kerry, Liz (in the background) Lorna (the bride obscuring somebody), Beth, dunno? Sam and Matise. Merlin - the dog keeping control :-)
pic0003 It's Me! Trying to learn my part in the ceremony. Being so big I am obscuring Fenny, who was my best man and her friend Rose. In the background from left to right we see Andrew, Allen, Lisa, Lisa, My Mum and .. well I can't tell but it could be Marion.
pic0004 Yup! It was my sister Marion next to Mum. Left to Right again we have Lisa, Mum, Marion, Charles, Lisa, Abbé, Merlin, Smithy, Paul, Viki, Keith, Carla and Kerry's legs.
pic0005 Duane wonders what Chris is saying to Mathew. Liz meanwhile is surprised by the array of cameras that her husband Garry is carrying.
pic0006 Hey look, it's the bride. Lorna flapping round some more. Kerry shows her back before she truns into a lobster and Carla makes a last minute phone call. In the distance Merlin is trying to train Mathew (sitting behind Chris) to play stick. Dunno what Chris is reading. Val and Ann sit patiently and wait.
pic0007 Just for a change I'll start at the left foreground and go round widdershins. Beth Talks to her Bro, Patrick, watched closely by Paul. Lisa and Lisa chat behind Marion and Mum. A mystry head talks to Sue while Jason and Martin (fluffy) natter about something.
pic0008 Ian chats to some one off pic. Stuart gets to know Carla and Beth and Abbé stand arround.
pic0009 It's sort of odd how at the start people tend to stay in their own little groups. L->R (again) Chris, Mathew, Val, Ann, Judy and Julie. Mum & Marion have claimed front row seats, of course. There's me stood up at the back. Don't know what I'm doing but Fenny is taking note of it. Jason and Rose sit and wait for something to happen while Liz Charles and Allen huddle over on the right.
pic0010 It's Duane. All robed up and having the condemed man's last fag before he starts the show. Poor guy, I didn't know it was the first time for him. But he did good.
pic0012 Oh you should know who they all are by now :-)
pic0013 Two Lisas guard the left of the pic while over in the centre we have Stuart, Kerry, Carla, Lorna, Viki, Andrew Martin, Matise, Ian, Keith and Alan showing off his pert bum.
pic0014 For some small people like Patrick an old park bench can be very interesting.
pic0017 This is the script that we worked from. Unfortunately it's not possible to read it from here but I hope to get the text from Duane sometime soon.
pic0018 Beth, Sue and Liz stuff their faces.
pic0019 Andrew shares a joke. The pretty young things huddle and wait. Why don't they eat something !
pic0020 Andrew has another fag while Lorna chats with a head Viki and Abbé.
pic0021 Hey look she's HAPPY !!!!!
pic0022 This is after it's all over and Lorna wanders round offering bits of cake to people. Every one is eating (oh goody) and over at the back you can see Mum and Sis getting to know the members of the local moot.
pic0023 Duane explains to Sue. I suspect than Allen is making some comment about Andrew's shorts. I an starting to suspect the two Lisas are joined at the hip as they are always together.
pic0024 Stuart makes a grab for my goodies watched carfully by Martin and Abbé. Lorna says she was trying to hump me from behind.
pic0025 Ahhhhhh, that feels better. I do (sometimes) like to be the centre of attention.
pic0028 and some peole choose their paths very young.
pic0029 Sam, Don't do that. We don't sacrifice virgins any more.
pic0030 Every one relaxes. Oh but what a gut I have :-(
pic0031 Allen looking suspisious with Liz.
pic0032 Some trees young and some trees old but remarkably they are all made out of wood.
pic0041 It's just some ferns that were growing by the path.
pic0043 Group hug !!
pic0044 Sue and Martin leave with their goodie bags.
pic0045 Of course there has to be dancing. It wouldn't be right not to have dancing. And Judy is such a good partner.
pic0046 Bookends. (It's a Simon & Garfunkel song).
pic0047 Sam says to Patrick, "and this is how we make a noose".
pic0048 Lorna gets a hug from Stuart.
pic0050 Lorna surrounded by lots of other happy young people. But wait. What's happening over there. Ah yes Val, Chris and Mathew are protecting the drinks.
pic0011 All set up and ready to go.
pic0015 This is my broom, gayly decorated with a bridal bouquet. It now lives on my living room wall and only comes out for special occasions.
pic0016 Yes it is my sword and yes it is real.
pic0027 Nobody knows where their chosen path will lead them.
pic0033 The way into the clearing was along a narrow path.
pic0037 Merlin, Liz and Patrick

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